Electroplating knowledge

  • The purpose of electroplating

Electroplating is primarily used for depositing a layer of material to bestow a desired property (e.g., aesthetic qualities, abrasion and wear resistance, corrosion protection, lubricity, etc.) to a surface that otherwise lacks that property.

  • Can a scratch be covered ?

No, it is a common myth. Electroplating is simply a coating on the surface and cannot “heal a wound.” An impalpable scratch can be covered, but a deep scratch cannot be fixed this way.

  • How about rusting ?

It depends on the area and severity of rust. If you insist on getting electroplating no matter what, it will leave an uneven surface.

  • Will peeling happen after electroplating ?

No, not if the work is done in accordance with our SOP. But if there is miscommunication about customer’s demands, it will be very likely, such as rivets, flawed products, galvanized iron, laser, rotation after processing…

  • Does polishing make a huge difference after the metal is electroplated ?

Indeed. Polishing is a process that removes material from the surface of a metallic workpiece just so it looks smoother and brighter. There will be some extra costs, of course. Inadequate polishing will leave uneven surface of a workpiece and may need extra work of polishing.