Company Profile


Great Dragon Metal Electroplating CO., LTD. was formerly known as "Great Dragon Industrial Co., Ltd." was founded in 1977. It used hand-hanging electroplating during its inception. The factory was located in Houjikuwei Street, Sanchong New Taipei City. It was changed to Great Dragon Metal Electroplating in 2001. Limited company.

In order to improve quality and faster processing efficiency, expand and expand various types of electroplating products to serve loyal old customers and open up new customer groups. In 1984, it was converted to a fully automated electroplating method, and many more were purchased during the period. Inspection equipment and other equipment to strengthen our products and quality to provide more precise and faster service.

Established Great Dragon Metal Electroplating CO., LTD. with "integrity, professionalism, quality, service" as the company's business philosophy. Maintain the rock of the company's survival with "integrity" and create its sustainable value, provide the best "quality" with the most "professional" technology, and provide our "service" as the motto of our business philosophy. And establish a complete service system, integrate a well-integrated ecological chain of upstream and downstream suppliers, to provide customers with a broader, rapid, and excellent service and improve product quality. In order to provide customers with better quality, institutionalized management, scaled production, and strict quality control, Great Dragon passed the ISO9001 certification again in May 2011.

Philosophy of Business

"Integrity, professionalism, quality, service" is the company's business philosophy. Maintain the rock of the company's survival with "integrity" and create its sustainable value.

Company History

2016 Passed SGS, RoHS2.0 certification
2011 Passed the ISO9001 certification in May 2011.
2010 Purchased X-Ray film thickness tester to provide customers with more accurate values ​​and achieve more accurate quality
2002 Relocated to Wugu Minyi Road and renamed "Shenglong Metal Surface Treatment Co., Ltd." due to the expansion of the plant and the addition of machinery and equipment to provide customers with better quality
1985 In order to improve efficiency and expand the plant, it was updated to fully automated equipment and moved to Wugu Zhongxing Road
1978 Passed SGS and RoHS certification, giving customers certified quality
1974 Started the electroplating industry, set up a factory in Sanchong Houjikuwei Street, established "Great Dragon Industrial Co., Ltd." and started operations with the company's business philosophy of "integrity, professionalism, quality, and service"